Lachlan Murdoch Is Even More of a Right-Wing Ultra Than His Old Man

August 8th, 2020|

The DAILY BEAST, AUGUST 10, 2020. Media analyst Peter Kreisky, who has closely followed the company’s moves, told The Daily Beast, “So far only Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, has fully lived up to that promise. It has successfully embraced digital and video and leveraged the value of its large and high quality subscription base. “The striking disparity in performance between Dow Jones and the rest of News Corp newspapers was acknowledged in the full year earnings report on Thursday,” says Kreisky, “which, for the first time, broke out Dow Jones from the rest, showing a 13 percent rise in the bottom line for that business, while revealing the other newspapers’ results, compounded by the effects of the coronavirus, were down a whopping 71 percent.” Kreisky believes that the family became split over whether and how to pump new life into the British newspapers, like the tabloid The Sun, that were once cash cows but have suffered huge falls in circulation and failed to challenge competitors like The Daily Mail, with its phenomenal tabloid site Mail Online: “The strategic focus has now shifted investment to Dow Jones, clearly the crown jewel, while there will be drastic cost-cutting to stem losses in the other newspapers. Rupert Murdoch is unwilling to spend what is needed to bring them into the digital age and long-term Lachlan lacks his father’s passion for the legacy newspapers.”

Is The National Enquirer in Its Final ‘Death Spiral’?

May 17th, 2020|

THE DAILY BEAST, MAY 20, 2020 As for the Enquirer, among other AMI titles, “I don’t hold out much hope for its long-term survival, frankly,” Kreisky said. “It’s the last of the dinosaurs,” Kreisky said. “It’s past its sell-by date—not only from the point of view of its content but also its style, which is a throwback to the past. So the question is, is it a dinosaur or a cockroach—a cockroach that will survive the end of time?”

Will National Enquirer Survive? Media Experts Divided

April 12th, 2019|

THE WRAP, April 12, 2019. Peter Kreisky, a veteran media analyst, predicted that the tabloid was unlikely to survive another five years. “This is the beginning of the ultimate decline of it, unless somebody pulls a rabbit out of a hat,” he said. “The credibility is badly damaged.” All of those issues could lead to an existential threat to the Enquirer as a going concern, media analysts said. “[Bezos] could put it out of business, no questions about that,” Peter Kreisky said. “I am not sure the extent to which their insurance would stand up for it. Insurance will probably not cover the kind of damage Bezos could extract.”

Still on Shaky Ground, Publishers Seek More Stability in 2019

April 11th, 2019|

FOLIO, April 11, 2019. “Clearly we are seeing continued consolidation of the industry to a few notable players and, with that, a focusing of fewer resources on fewer titles,” says Peter Kreisky, CEO at publisher consultancy New Portal Media. “It takes an investment to take magazines from print across multiple platforms in an effective way, as the industry requires now. That places a big burden on the publishers that don’t have the resources to do it, which forces further consolidation.”

In a shift, Conde Nast integrates more of US and international arm

November 6th, 2018|

DIGIDAY, November 6, 2018. “This is where the center of gravity for Condé Nast is going to reside,” said Peter Kreisky, chairman of the Kreisky Media Consultancy. “This may be a trial to see if you can reset the center of gravity to be in London.”

O, The Oprah Magazine Gets a New Digital Home: OprahMag.com

October 9th, 2018|

WALL STREET JOURNAL, October 9, 2018. Peter Kreisky, a magazine consultant, said OprahMag.com is likely to face challenges. “It’s become more and more difficult to attract readers because there are so many alluring alternatives out there,” said Mr. Kreisky. “You need a clear and distinct value proposition.” Mr. Kreisky said it is a “tough environment today for digital advertising,” but said the Oprah brand is well known. “It’s about being indispensable.”

When chief digital officers join the highest echelons of legacy publishing

September 4th, 2018|

FIPP Insight, Sept 4, 2018. Peter A. Kreisky, chairman of The Kreisky Media Consultancy has maintained for many years “that the digital revolution will only become real and relevant when its leaders move from the perimeter to the center." He explains: “This is the moment when the sanctioned disruptor turns and becomes the new soul of the organisation… the fact that we now have CDOs becoming CEOs shows that it may truly be here. In that future, digital is no longer an add-on or an afterthought – but the driver of every activity."

AMI’s $80M deal continues big consolidation in magazine industry

June 15th, 2018|

NEW YORK POST, June 15, 2018 by Keith J. Kelly. With Bauer’s titles, AMI now owns every large-scale celebrity magazine except Meredith’s People, the No. 1 title in the market. Meredith obtained the title when it bought Time Inc. in January. “AMI’s new-found scale in the celebrity category will pressure-test Meredith’s ability to sustain People’s leadership position in the unfamiliar world of celebrity weeklies,” said Peter Kreisky, a media industry consultant. Meredith says it is not concerned.

What’s Next for Rolling Stone?

December 22nd, 2017|

THESTREET.COM December 22, 2017. Media industry strategist Peter Kreisky... said Penske will help steer Rolling Stone through a more successful switch to digital distribution. With Rolling Stone under its belt, Penske stands to build its position as the "nexus of the entertainment and fashion industry," Kreisky noted. It will open up opportunities for cross-promotion across Penske's online verticals, while building a larger, more dedicated audience around the brands. For Rolling Stone, the priority will likely be focused on expanding beyond the baby boomer generation and into millennial-aged readers. "It's a spectacularly smart deal for Penske ... as Rolling Stone is incredibly underleveraged in the digital world," said Kreisky, a former executive at Time Inc. (TIME - Get Report) and CBS Corp. (CBS - Get Report) . "There is just massive potential to expand the Rolling Stone brand into other media platforms, including video, industry events, concerts or conferences." To be sure, positioning Rolling Stone as the authority for online entertainment news isn't guaranteed to be a slam dunk for Penske. Penske can, however, look to other legacy media brands that have successfully pivoted to digital, at least to some extent. For example, Condé Nast Publications Inc., which Kreisky said also was interested in Rolling Stone, has engineered digital transformations at The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. "The value that Penske sees in Rolling Stone is way beyond that which Rolling Stone can realize itself," Kreisky said. "Penske knows how to position the Rolling Stone brand and mine their potential."

The National Enquirer Sought Time Magazine—and May Still Get It

November 28th, 2017|

DAILY BEAST, November 27, 2017. David Pecker, chief executive of National Enquirer publisher American Media, Inc. wanted only Time, Inc.’s weekly titles (Time, Sports Illustrated, and People), according to Peter Kreisky, an industry analyst familiar with both Time, Inc. and Meredith....“Meredith’s business model is based on monthly magazines, not weeklies,” Kreisky told The Daily Beast. He stressed the logic of a deal for Pecker. “The National Enquirer, US Weekly, Star and others provide Pecker with a strong, well-established business base for weekly publications. Time and other Time Inc. weeklies would not only provide massive efficiencies but also make American Media the predominant publisher of weekly titles in the nation.”