How Will Magazine Titans Merge? Carefully

February 26th, 2013|

NEW YORK TIMES. Feb 25, 2013. “If you take Time, Fortune and Sports Illustrated from the mix, you have much greater similarity to the titles that are left than differences,” said Peter Kreisky, who worked as a senior adviser to Mr. Griffin at Time Inc. and who also has advised Meredith in the past. Mr. Kreisky said that when he was hired by Meredith a decade ago to reinvent its corporate strategy, the magazine company was trying to expand beyond the category of shelter magazines. He pointed to its acquisitions of Gruner & Jahr’s magazines, like Family Circle, and to how its existing titles expanded their platforms, as Better Homes and Gardens did in its licensing deal with Wal-Mart Stores and its television specials. Mr. Kreisky noted that Time Inc. had not leveraged its highly regarded brands as profitably over the years, suggesting that they could have developed a television network affiliated with People. “Meredith is a very businesslike company,” Mr. Kreisky said. “They’re very practical, pragmatic. They don’t sacrifice editorial integrity. But they take a balanced approach to the development of their brands, whereas Time Inc. had an obsessive need for editorial control for everything around their brands. As a result, they’ve lost huge opportunities to develop their brands in other platforms.”

Readers Digest Fails to Adapt to Internet Speed

February 19th, 2013|

WERTHEIMER: What do you think the odds that in 10 years time we'll still find this fat little magazine sitting on the table in the doctor's office? KREISKY: It may still be in the doctor's office - oddly enough - but I'm not sure that it'll be the same mass circulation magazine that it has traditionally been. There's always a market for old media. I mean, if you think about it, even stone tablets still have a place in our society. They just happen to be in cemeteries. (LAUGHTER) WERTHEIMER: Peter Kreisky, of Kreisky Media, his company is focused on the media and entertainment industry, including publishing in all its forms - including tablets, stone tablets.