How Time Inc. changed under Joe Ripp

September 13th, 2016|

DIGIDAY. September 13, 2016. A number of ad-tech purchases, including MySpace parent Viant, put Time Inc in position to offer advertisers all the targeting and automation capabilities that advertisers now expect. “It was gutsy to move away from a print-based, ad-driven model into a digital, scale-driven model,” said Peter A. Kreisky, a longtime publishing consultant who worked as an advisor to Jack Griffin when Griffin led Time Inc. “Taking the risk that Time Inc brands would add value and margin to the prices that Time Inc could command in programmatic. “Buying Viant is a big change to the business model.” How much Time Inc. will be able to build on any of these moves is unclear. But Battista and his colleagues have a foundation to build on now. “Jeff Bewkes made a very wise choice in bringing Joe in,” Kreisky said. “He was the right guy at the right time.”