How Time Inc. can survive as an independent company

April 28th, 2017|

DIGIDAY. April 28, 2017. “The future belongs to brands that are indispensable to the audiences who will pay for, and advertisers will pony up to be a part of,” said Peter Kreisky, a media consultant and onetime advisor to former Time Inc. CEO Jack Griffin. “The New Yorker is indispensable. Is Time magazine indispensable? Time Inc. was a leader because of its scale. In this multimedia universe it is no longer the scale leader, so it has to figure out how to be the leader by virtue of other factors.” Kreisky said Time Inc. would do well to look at Axel Springer as a model...“Axel Springer is still focused on its journalistic mission but with a very different portfolio than it had in the past,” Kreisky said. “It was a very courageous move to make, and it seems to be paying off.”