4 trends that shaped the fashion media landscape in 2016

December 6th, 2016|

Glossy, December 6, 2016. “It’s been a year of transition and reinvention for print,” said Peter Kreisky of Kreisky Media Consultancy. “Historically, each title would have a full roster of people dedicated to the title, and they can’t afford to do that anymore,” he said. “They’ve realized they can share people across titles without losing their uniqueness and quality.” Companies are creating teams to work across multiple brands on generic content like horoscopes, travel stories and makeup tips, while leaving titles to differentiate themselves with photographs, narratives and the ability to identify fashion trends, he said. At the same time, publishers are reinventing themselves on social media. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories to Snapchat Discover, publishers are experimenting with new platform features.

WTF is zero-rating?

December 5th, 2016|

Digiday, December 5, 2016. “It’s really about the pitch of the playing field,” said Peter Kreisky, a media consultant, “toward those who can leverage their distribution clout to support content that they own. This is of concern to content players that are independent of distribution players.”