Rolling Stone Stake Could Fetch as Much as $80 Million

September 18th, 2017|

THESTREET.COM. September 18, 2017. "Rolling Stone has great value as a brand, and there should be buyers beyond the regular magazine publishing business," said Kreisky... "Any media company that would like to exploit Rolling Stone's brand in television, in reaching a very loyal and very attractive digital audience, is sure to be interested."...Wenner Media, Kreisky said, hasn't made the kind of investments in digital and video distribution to offset the entrance of Facebook ,. Google, YouTube and Spotify into the topics of music and touring. "The opportunity is right before our eyes, but it will require an owner with the vision and the cash to invest in digital if it's to be successful," Kreisky said. "Jann Wenner is one of the last holdouts. Never believed in digital and never invested in it. And at this point, the level of investment required is really significant."