Disney PR Nightmares?

June 17th, 2016|

The Street. June 17, 2016. Disney's Orlando operation can weather the bad news because of the reputation it has forged with consumers for the rigor in which it maintains a safe environment at its parks and hotels, said Peter Kreisky, chairman of Kreisky Media Consultancy, who has advised companies planning to build their own theme parks and studied Disney's worldwide network of parks. "Not only is the Disney brand strong enough to withstand terrorist scares and this alligator incident," he said, "but the company takes extraordinary measures to protect itself from the unpredictable behaviors of millions of diverse visitors and the negative publicity that can generate." Kreisky said: "Visitors are monitored from the moment they enter the parks. Any hints of trouble are dealt with instantaneously via well-hidden networks of cameras, tunnels and staff."